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Modernize your data entry systems

KEY/101 from Phoenix Software International, a development of Key/Master from Mercator and TSI, provides an integrated approach to data entry. KEY/101's flexible Windows and mainframe functionality lets you choose between PC-based and host-based (zOS, VM and VSE) services in an environment that is seamless, fast, easy to use and requires no writing of code. For additional information on KEY/101 and Falcon for PC and IBM mainframe, click here.

We have worked with Key/101 for more than 30 years, implementing, updating and maintaining data entry systems on IBM mainframes and networked and standalone PCs. Often working to tight deadlines, we have twice rescued companies whose outdated key-to-disk systems failed. We know Key/101 inside out and can quickly build a tailored solution for you and train you in how to keep developing that system. Or we can do the maintenance on your data entry applications for you.  Our ongoing support ensures you are never without help. Our in-depth knowledge of EasyLogic programming and how Key/101 handles data mean we can advise you on the best way to run Key/101 (mainframe, Windows or a mixture) and make any conversion you decide to do as cost-effective and easy as possible.

KEY/101 for Windows

KEY/101 for Windows is Windows-based and can export your data to any other platform - mainframe, Unix etc. It speeds application development, reduces mainframe load, supports 3270 and PC applications, is easy to learn and simple to use. For more information on the advantages of KEY/101 PC Application Building, href="">click here.

Replacing key-to-disk

Key-to-disk equipment has many problems. Key/101 can quickly replace your antiquated key-to-disk system for a fraction of its maintenance cost. You'll be amazed how quickly it can be done. Nixdorf, Sperry-Cade and others are a breeze. Cobbsmill's customer care is also a major Key/101 benefit, and a service you can count on.

Remote support

We can support your Key/101 system from our offices, saving you both time and money. Click here to find out how easy it is.

More information about our Key/101 training and implementation services - click here

Windows data entry

Some advantages of using Key/101

No programming

Implement Applications Without Programming.  With Key/101, people who understand your data can quickly implement your applications, eliminating dependence on application programming resources and schedules.


Increase User Satisfaction And Productivity.  Key/101 means higher productivity, fewer errors and less turnover and training. Easy-to-use applications and a simple user view made Key/101 the system of choice for professional operators and casual users alike.

fast data entry

Increase Throughput.  When high-speed turnaround is essential, Key/101's automation and keystroke-reduction features  substantially increase overall throughput in your operation.


Increase Accuracy.  Key/101 offers a rich range of validation and editing techniques to ensure the quality, accuracy and integrity of data bound for production applications and databases.


Centralize Data Input For Professional Operators.  Key/101's features and functionality surpass the expectations of professional data input personnel, so you optimize your investment in centralized data input resources and people.


Distribute Data Input To End Users.  Key/101 lets you distribute the same applications to all users, in local and remote locations, and to 3270s and PCs, while maintaining control of the process and the data.


Implement Without Changing Your Applications.   Key/101 requires no changes or alterations to your existing production systems. You capture the data with screens built to meet the end user's needs, and deliver it to your target software in the exact sequence and format required.

eliminate key-to-disk

Eliminate Special-Purpose Equipment Costs.  Key/101 uses standard, multi-purpose IBM or compatible equipment, including on-line 3270 terminals and PCs, either singly or in LAN configurations. You use the technology and communications your company has in place and eliminate costly and obsolete dedicated equipment.


Integrate Multi-Media Collection.  Key/101's open architecture lets you integrate standard IBM hardware, on-line terminals, PCs, LANs and electronic data capture and transfer devices into a powerful, single-system solution for all of your data input and delivery needs.


Implement Strategic Flexibility.  With Phoenix Software's established IBM Business Partner relationship, KEY MASTER assures you of strategic fit and flexibility in adapting to the changing needs of your organization.


Maintain Security And Control.  Key/101 gives you on line and off line data input operations in a single software system, under a single point of control. All KEYMASTER users share the same application, same screens and same edit rules. A single data input system for every production application, database and file provides consistency and accuracy to all data delivered to your critical business systems.


Achieve True Cooperative Processing.  Key/101's unique interactive communications capability lets you utilize PC and mainframe resources in true cooperative processing to complete a single task, without user intervention, and without losing control of the processing on either system.