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Training courses to fit your needs

With over 25 years experience in creating and running computer software courses, Cobbs Mill Consulting either has a ready-to-run course or can create a course very quickly to meet your exact needs. We come to you to run the courses, saving costs and time for you. Just some of the topics we offer :-

Introduction to VSE, VM and / or zOS

You are probably taking on new people to maintain and develop your mainframe applications systems. Most universities tend to ignore mainframes so that highly competent graduates enter the workforce knowing little about the machines you need them to work on. One of our short introductory courses can introduce those people to mainframe architecture and terminology and make them productive very quickly. Naturally, the course we deliver covers only those operating systems you need it to cover.

Key/101 data entry

We'll show you how to get more out of your Key/101 system with very little effort. Whether you run Key/101 (formerly known as Key/Master) on a mainframe or under Windows (or if you are considering converting from one to the other), you will learn how to create new applications, how to write EasyLogic and how to build a system where data entry is rapid and secure. Techniques you learn can be applied to both old and new applications. We can also show your data entry people how to manage your Key/101 system.

We also have extensive experience of converting Mercator's Key/Master to Key/101 (a very simple task as Key/101 was developed based on Keymaster), as well as from Keyfast and Nixdorf key-to-disk to Key/101.

Track and Xray online debuggers

MacKinney Systems's Track and Xray interactive debuggers are great software tools for your zOS, VSE and CICS application programmers. Our Track and Xray courses get you started with them very quickly. The education is run at your location to keep costs down and you can send as many programmers to the Track and Xray classes as you like. Topics include everything from the product basics through to the more intricate facilities. So whether you have recently bought Track and / or Xray or are thinking of upgrading to them from some other interactive debugging tool, our training courses will make your programmers more productive with the minimum cost to you.

IBM Mainframe programming

With our huge background in mainframe system software, we offer all levels of courses on a wide range of topics. We can also run courses on specific non-IBM software products. Just some of the courses we offer include :-

  • Dump debugging
  • JCL - both MVS and VSE
  • Assembler programming
  • Assembler macro writing
  • VSAM - dataset design and performance
  • Debugging using Track & Xray
  • BIM-Edit program editor (mainframe and PC)

All our mainframe courses are run at your site on your machine and using your own programs so that they are always 100% relevant.

Aperture facilities management software

Using your own project as the basis for the courses, we can train all levels of users from those who need only to be able to see information and run some reports right up to your technical experts who want to create reports, change the database layout, build new facilities into your projects and so on. We specialise in the "obsolete" versions of Aperture - up to version 8 - so, if you have new people taking over an existing project, our "Aperture Maintenance for New Users" course is ideal.