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Data entry systems

We have extensive experience installing, implementing and tailoring data entry systems to your requirements using Phoenix Software's Key/101 (formerly Key/Master) software. Click here to find out more about the Key/101 data entry services we provide.

Facilities Management

Our extensive experience of the Aperture facilities management software means that we can help you with everything from the initial set-up of your Aperture system to getting it over that last step from being 80% complete to being 100% usable. We specialise in showing you how to make the most of version 5 through to version 8, the "pre-web-enabled" versions of Aperture.

Data Centers

Managing and documenting your data centers and networks can be a nightmare or simply a job that never gets done. We can build a complete set of data center & network documentation for you that your people will be able to keep up to date.


We can create training courses tailored to your own systems. Besides offering training in Key/Master, Key/101 and Aperture, we offer a range of capabilities for all sorts of mainframe systems software. We can train your programmers in assembler programming, dump debugging and host of other technical courses.


We started life as a company offering tailored development and maintenance of complex mainframe systems and applications software. Those services are still available and can be a very cost-effective way of keeping older systems running or bringing them up to date.

Recent projects

We've been involved with many organisations over the years - everything from tiny mainframe and PC network shops right up to the largest outsourcers and banks. Click here to find out more .

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