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Shopping on the Internet

Internet shopping is very easy and very safe if you use reliable and trusted shops. We've tried dozens and have only come unstuck once. Here are some of our personal recommendations :-

Probably most famous as an online bookshop, is a great place to buy books, CDs, DVDs, home electronics, cameras and a range of other gear. You can search Amazon's web site directly from this box.
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Between Nov 1 and Dec 31 each year, 5% of everything you spend shopping at Amazon from here goes to the Salvation Army to help the less fortunate in the New Year.


A superior alternative to Microsoft Office®

If you want a better all-in-one office product (word processor, spreadsheet, presentations etc) that does what you want when you ask it to and that doesn't have annoying little bent paperclips treating you like an idiot, take a look at WordPerfect Office. I've used it for 15 years and have also used the other one. WordPerfect has done better things for my blood pressure than a cupboard full of pills.

And a better graphic viewer & media player

You've probably heard that IrfanView is the best graphic viewer and media player at the price (i.e. 10 Euros or free if you're a real skinflint). Take my word for it (or not - if you like struggling with the thing that came with your computer, that's fine by me.) Anyway, you can get a free copy by clickin gon the cat. irfanview