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Program development and maintenance

Our main programming language is IBM assembler, including the macro language. This means that we can provide you with support and updating services for what are possibly some of the oldest and most difficult to maintain programs you have in your installation. Some of the work we have done in assembler (not all of it particularly recent!) includes :-

  • Job accounting routines
  • SMF exits
  • Sort exits
  • CICS nucleus modifications to improve performance
  • Device independent IO routines for VSE
  • Data conversion routines to / from non-IBM hardware
  • Operating system installation and maintenance
  • Programs to convert between library systems (e.g. Panvalet, ICCF or Vollie to BIM-Edit)
  • VSE vendor exits (or training on how to write them)

We have spent 20+ years supporting IBM and third party vendor products including tape & disk management, dump debugging, interactive debuggers, operations automation, console management ...

We can develop and deliver training courses for your people to get them making good use of the systems that you use in your installation. The course can include your own standards, how to use your own 3rd party software (BIM-Epic, BIM-Edit, DYNAM, Multiterm, Track, Xray, DOCS etc)