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Managing your Information Technology ssets

You have millions of dollars invested in your IT assets hardware, software and networking. Our consultants can help you be certain that those assets are used to their greatest effect, potentially saving you millions of dollars on software costs, hardware expenditure and environmental running costs.

Aperture Data Center Management Tools

Do you have an Aperture-based data center documentation and management system in place? Are your records up to date or do you need to create a new inventory or audit your existing inventory? Do you need to do an audit to make sure that everything that is documented actually exists and vice versa? Have the people who set up your asset management system moved on so that you need to train new people how to use it? Do you need to upgrade to a more recent version of the Aperture software?

We can help you with the detail of all of those tasks from discovering the location and connections to your equipment through to teaching your people how to use your system. We can help you refine and streamline your system to make it usable by everybody who needs to be able to use it. The only thing we can't do is to sell you the software - you will need to get that from Aperture Technologies.

Aperture to AutoCAD or AutoCAD to Aperture

If you want to move drawings and data from AutoCAD to Aperture (or export them from Aperture to AutoCAD so you can send them to your builders), we can help. We know what needs to be done to get sensible, properly scaled drawings and how to extract data from the most complicated databases.

Software assets and licenses

We can help you save tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on your software costs:-

  • For all your software licenses
    • Build you a complete inventory of your software licenses
    • Identify licenses that contain unacceptable conditions
    • Identify licenses that are inadequately specific about events that could lead to unexpected heavy expense
    • Suggest ways of combining, renegotiating, removing or replacing software licenses that will save you money while retaining your high service levels

Our track record

We have over 15 years experience of IT asset management. We have helped companies large and small save millions of dollars from their IT budgets without negatively impacting the service that they provide to their customers. Our successes include banks, airlines and outsourcers. Check out some of our recent projects...