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Training and support for IBM mainframes, data entry and asset management

Let's be honest - we're not a huge corporate consulting company with thousands of consultants and a luxurious campus to maintain.  We are just the two of us and it's probably fair to say that we know more about Key/101 & Key/Master than maybe half a dozen other people in the world.

We're in Asheville, North Carolina but cover the world (OK, England, Puerto Rico, Canada, Australia and New Zealand at least). We specialize in

  • data entry systems using Phoenix Software's Key/101 (formerly Ascential, Mercator or TSI's Key/Master),
  • IBM mainframe assembler development and maintenance
  • facilities management systems using Aperture
  • We don't aim to support everything or to provide a "catch-all" service - we want to provide a high quality solution to your problems.

Online data entry systems

We have over 30 years experience with data entry software, notably what was called Key/Master from TSI & Mercator. We trained the folks at Phoenix on how to use it when Phoenix took the product over.  We can help with conversions, maintenance, implementation, upgrades & training. If you still use an unsupported or cumbersome data entry system such as key to disk, we'll get you up and running on a modern Windows or mainframe data entry solution in a few hours! Check our "recent projects" page to see some of our successes with Key/101.

Software training courses

We offer both "off the shelf" courses (for Key/101, Track and Xray) and custom-built courses. Even our "off-the shelf" courses are tailored to fit your own needs so if you need to know about Track for COBOL, we won't waste time with PL/I. We can tailor courses to meet your exact requirements. Need to know how to set up an Aperture database or how to transfer data from Aperture to a spreadsheet? We'll teach you how.

Assembler programming development & maintenance

Every IBM mainframe site has a few Assembler routines that have been running forever and suddenly need maintenance. Software products, local modifications to IBM & vendor software, user exits and IBM VSE vendor exits are all in our toolbag. If you need to know how to do these things yourself, we'll teach you. You'd be surprised how much we know about VSAM, too.

Aperture facilities management consulting and training

Do you have a facilities management or IT infrastructure management system that uses Aperture software? Does it need updating or  someone to figure out what it does and show you how to maintain it? Perhaps you need to change some report layouts or the database structure. Give us a call - we have worked with Aperture for over ten years.

Solutions & support

We will discuss with you what you want to achieve, whether it is full facilities documentation, a powerful data entry system or a more effective programming team. We'll help choose what is right for you and show you how to make best use of the solutions you select.You don't need a shelf full of unused software - you need a solution to your business requirement.  An assembler program that needs updating or fixing? Give us a call. A dump you can't figure out? An old data entry system that needs bringing up to date? We're the experts!

International help

Our people speak Italian, Spanish, French and German as well as English so we can provide support almost anywhere. And remember that we can often complete your project from our own offices!

A note about Key/Master

All rights to the Key/Master data entry system (not to be confused with Keymaster, Key Master or Key-Master games and locksmiths) were acquired from Ascential a few years ago by Phoenix Software International. It is now called Key/101. We're delighted with the change and have trained the technical support people at Phoenix on Key/Master application building and all aspects of format development and support.

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