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Document and manage your data center and network assets

Cobbs Mill Consulting has overy 10 years experience creating and implementing data center and network management systems using the Aperture software package. We can help you at any stage of the project from initial design, through data entry and on to final implementation. If your data center documentation project has got itself stuck at the "90% complete" stage, we can give you that vital piece of assistance to get it fully operational.

Whether you use the most up to date versions of the Aperture projects,

Initial design

We will sit down with you and help you identify exactly what it is you want to achieve from your system. Using the Technical Documentation application modules and symbols supplied with the Aperture software, we will create the framework on which you project will be built. We can advise on how to extend the system so that it meets your needs but also stays maintainable as new releases of the software are installed.


The "roll-out" of your project needs planning and we can help you with that.

We will help you decide what aspect of your equipment and space is most important to you - perhaps you want to get all of your large-scale equipment documented, followed by your power distribution and then your rack equipment. We'll recommend how the project should be rolled out to your users so that it becomes usable by each group of users when they receive it. Entering data into tables and records as well as putting assets into floorplans can be time-consuming. We can do the legwork for you as well as import any existing data you may have in spreadsheets and databases. Our aim is to help you implement your system as quickly, painlessly, usably and accurately as possible.


Your various users of the software will have varying training needs. Using your own project as a basis, we will quickly develop training courses tailored to your different levels of users. These courses are all based on a framework that we have developed over a number of years and so tailoring it to your organization is a quick and simple process.